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Internet History, Technology & Security

Wednesday, September 22
7PM - 8 PM ET [Registration Closed]

Going from being kicked out of college to Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder of Daybreak Health took Luke Mercado just ten years. Now, he offers advice and direction for students based on his decade of growth.

Luke Mercado

CTO & Co-Founder

Training and Development

Wednesday, September 29
4PM - 5PM ET [Registration Closed]

From VP of Learning & Insights at Mastercard, to Managing Director of Learning & Leadership Development at Accenture, Jawanda Staber talks through her journey and the landscape for professional growth & training.

Jawanda Staber

Managing Director, Learning & Leadership Development

Certified Financial Planning

Wednesday, September 29
7PM - 8PM ET [Registration Closed]

Celebrated author and Director of Financial Education at First Boulevard Bank explores the power of financial learning and opportunities for certified financial planners as individuals & professionals in the field.

Dr. Melody Wright

Director of Financial Education

Supply Chain Management

Monday, October 11
5:30PM - 6:30PM ET

As a Group Logistics Manager for Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, John Massura connects his experience from a global supply chain perspective with the college-level coursework essential to succeed.

John Massura

Group Logistics Manager

Product Development

Tuesday, October 12
6PM - 7PM ET

An Engineering Manager at Instagram and host of the Techsetters podcast, Samantha Weiner is a leading voice for diverse stories in STEM. She’ll share a behind-the-scenes view of careers in tech and what it takes to survive them.

Samantha Wiener

Engineering Manager

Project Management

Wednesday, October 13
12:30PM - 1:30PM ET

Alexander Diaz (Rhodes Scholar, Forbes 30 Under 30) takes you through his journey, and how he uses project management skills every day in his role as Head of Crisis Response & Humanitarian Aid at Google.

Alexander Diaz

Head of Humanitarian Response

History of Public Health

Wednesday, October 13
5PM - 6PM ET

For those who’ve wondered what a Public Health professional does during a pandemic, Dr. Ajay Rangaraj peels back the curtain on life at the World Health Organization, and the opportunities for Public Health experts.

Dr. Ajay Rangaraj

Technical Officer

Introduction to Games

Thursday, October 21

Renee Gittins (Forbes 30 under 30) dives deep on the opportunities and challenges she's witnessed at every level of the games industry - both as Executive Director of the IGDA, and as a CEO & Game Developer herself.

Renee Gittins

Executive Director